Family Budget Worksheet

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Easy Steps To Create A Family Budget Worksheet

It's no surprise that getting control of your family's finances means knowing what you have available and how it is being spent. A budget is essential to a successful financial plan. However, not everyone knows where to start when creating their first family budget worksheet.

If you are interested in getting your financial life back in order, but are unsure of how to start, follow along as the process unfolds. It is simple to track your monthly expenses and be more prepared for retirement.

The first thing that is necessary for household budgeting is awareness. You need to know what your combined income is and how it is currently being spent. You can do this in several ways. Some people prefer to keep receipts and enter them into a spreadsheet or directly into Excel.

For others, a calculator and printable planner are easier for entering each expense as it happens. You may want to download an example free online template for this that is already categorized for you. This will make it easier to determine where a particular expenditure belongs. Popular budget planning software is also available from sites such as, and

Once you have accumulated at least a month of expense tracking, it's time to assess the results. This part of the process can be surprising and a bit difficult. You may have never sat down and determined just how much money you spend on eating out or a daily coffee. Adding this up can be extremely eye opening.

Put it in terms that you can relate to. Maybe your coffee habit is consuming the same amount of your income as a small utility payment, for example. Recognizing this can help you find the discipline needed to make cuts.

The next step is trimming your current spending and developing new, more reasonable limits in each budget category. According to radio host Dave Ramsey, most families could be much more independent if they lived within their means. This takes planning and commitment.

Your attitude will determine a good deal of how easily you are able to adopt your new plan. This isn't an exercise in deprivation, but rather a move to more freedom. Think of it as an exciting challenge and rise to it. If you enjoy eating out, work it into your budget plan. However, keep it to once or twice a month, instead of weekly.

It's also a good idea to work in a small amount for unexpected spending. Most importantly, work on building an emergency fund and a regular deposit for savings and retirement.

Now, all you have left to do is follow your plan and watch your situation improve. A family budget worksheet is a great way to recognize your particular pitfalls and fix them. Use any software that you find helps you and take advantage of the advice of experts like Suze Orman.


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Family Budget Worksheet | Savings Bond Calculator | Budget Travel Magazine | Auto Finance Calculator | Budget Cooking For A Crowd | Thrift Savings Plan Tsp | Sample Budget Form | Save A Lot Grocery Store | Save Money On Pool Purchase | Thrifty Tips To Save Money